Webster Township

Webster Township Moving Forward on Broadband

Webster Township Board has hired Pulse Broadband to conduct a feasibility study for building a fiber-to-the-home network. They are exploring both arial and ground builds. The feasibility study that the Webster Township Board has approved will provide in-depth information regarding the estimated costs and revenues associated with building a fiber-to-the-home network in Webster Township. Based on the results of this study, Webster Township and the Michigan Broadband Cooperative will pursue funding options to build the network, which may include private investors, grants, municipal bonding and a millage initiative.

Webster Supports Broadband

The Webster Township Board passed a resolution to support the Michigan Broadband Cooperative in their efforts to bring broadband to our rural communities. Support from the township board is essential as we move forward to secure additional community support and funding for this effort.

Webster Township Survey Results

Webster Township residents responded to a survey conducted by Washtenaw Broadband initiative. Here are some of the findings.

Webster Twp BB Infographic

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  1. We’ve lived in the township for 20 years. I am perplexed that charter could never connect the .9 of a mile between North Territorial and Wheeler Drive. We are literally in a dead zone and as much as I’ve spoken to Charter, now Spectrum, nothing seems to change. I hope something can be done quickly.

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