How Can You Use Broadband?


Trouble shoot problems and watch how-to videos for do it yourself repairs. Find the best prices for parts.  Find out what the symptoms could mean before calling a doctor. Read up on alternative farmind methods, find information on new crops and soil conditions. Look up detailed weather information the moment you need it, get directions to wherever your going. Just Google it!



Talk to your family long distance on Skype. Replace your home phone service  (not cellular) with a great cheap alternative like Ooma (which costs $4 per month) or Vonage.  Conduct business, engage in meetings, conversations and forums remotely and in high definition without lag time.


Homework & Education

Let you kids finish their online homework in the comfort of their own home. Keep up with classroom assignments and innovative teaching methods like the “flipped classroom.” Earn certifications and advanced degrees from home. Upgrade skills and credentials to get a job or promotion.

TV, Movies, & Multiplayer Gaming

Enjoy high definition movies and virtual interaction without frustrating lag. You can get streaming TV services from companies like Amazon Prime, Hulu, an Netflix for a slow as $7.99 a month. Streaming TV lets you watch your favorite shows and movies when you want and at the pace you want. 


Health Care

Doctors, dentists, hospitals, stores, energy suppliers, and organizations are all moving towards online communication. Appointments, meetings and cross-disciplinary collaborations are accomplished online to achieve efficiencies. Tele-health arrangements enable doctors to monitor health conditions remotely saving trips to the doctor and improving care.


Shopping & Banking

Shop online and find the best prices. Purchase the perfect gift without ever leaving your house. Pay your bills and conduct banking remotely at any hour of the day. Schedule payments to occur automatically and avoid late fees. Compare offers and learn of promotions to take advantage of money saving offers.