Broadband Bond On Ballot In Sharon Township, Michigan

On May 8th, voters in Sharon Township, Michigan, will decide whether or not they want to pursue an initiative to invest in a publicly owned fiber optic network. People in the community of less than 2,000 people don’t expect the national ISPs to bring them the connectivity they need, so they will decide if they should take another approach to connect every one with high-quality Internet access. Click here to read more

Preliminary Results of Sharon Twp Feasibility Study

Sharon Township has been working with CCG Consulting to conduct a feasibility study for broadband to all homes in the township. Yesterday (Feb 7, 2017), the president of CCG Consulting traveled from Florida to the Sharon Township Hall to discuss the preliminary results of the study. While the final results are not yet available, the preliminary results are very positive, and outline a number of viable options for the township. All of the options would be funded by a bond and a millage, but some models include reducing annual millage payments or the overall length of the millage by using revenue from monthly service fees. The most advantageous model proposed is that of a cohesive service operated across multiple townships under a cooperative or similar structure. Toward this goal, representatives from neighboring townships were invited to the meeting, and attendance included not only Sharon Township but also Lyndon, Dexter, Webster, Manchester, Sylvan, and Ann Arbor Townships, as well as several board members from the Michigan Broadband Cooperative. The finalized results of the Sharon Township study should be available in about two weeks.

Sharon Township Dec 2016 Update

Sharon Township has contracted with CCG Consulting to conduct a feasibility study for a fiber to the home network for all Sharon Township residents.  Once the study is finished we will post it on this site.

Sharon Township Moves Forward on Broadband

Sharon Township Board has budget money to conduct a feasibility study for building a fiber-to-the-home network. The feasibility study that the Sharon Township Board has approved will provide in-depth information regarding the estimated costs and revenues associated with building a fiber-to-the-home network in Sharon Township. Based on the results of this study, Sharon Township and the Michigan Broadband Cooperative will pursue funding options to build the network, which may include private investors, grants, municipal bonding and a millage initiative.

Sharon Township Survey Results


Sharon Township residents responded to a survey conducted by Washtenaw Broadband initiative. Here are some of the findings.